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Therapeutic Diet

One of the fathers of our western medical tradition was Hippocrates, a physician of 2500 years ago. A basic law of his medical practice was: Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be food. The body requires nutrients and these are supplied to the body through the right foods. However, in modern times, the trend of junk food and instant food has greatly ruined health. Junk foods are usually full of unhealthy fats and are high is bad cholesterol. These in turn affect the metabolism of the body. It is time to understand these facts and take steps to alter your diet.

Diet therapy is both an art and a science. According to Naturopathy, the root cause of most of the diseases is the accumulation of morbid matter, abnormal composition of blood and lymph and lowered vitality. The ultimate solution is to detox when the body takes over and provide the solution itself. Detoxification focuses on cleansing at the cellular level. Detoxifying the body in naturopathy is done through diet therapy and we do it in 3 stages. Eliminative StageSoothing StageConstructive Stage ELIMINATIVE DIET Here at Ayusmat we adopt fasting as ultimate medicine. (Lankhanam). Fasting therapy (Lankhanam) is the voluntary abstinence from taking any kind of food except water for a particular period of time, in order to give complete rest for the internal organs, especially for the digestive system and helping them to get cleansed at cellular levels. We give eliminative juices in this stage to help assist the elimination process, cellular repairs, re-conditioning of the mucosal membranes and restoration of immune system. Physical and mental rest is utmost important while you are on this diet. To undergo the therapeutic fasting mental preparation is very important and should be done only under the supervision of an expert naturopathy physician. SOOTHING DIET  This is the second phase of detox programme, when the body is almost clean and detoxified; the person is placed on soothing alkaline juices for a specific period of time. Here the process is not very intense like lankhanam but it's an important stage where the body physiology re start the digestion process after a comprehensive healing mechanism within. CONSTRUCTIVE DIET  In the third phase of treatment when the body is fully detoxified and the patient is free of disease condition we start the constructive diet whereby the new blood, lymph and body cells are building up normally Being alkaline this diet helps in improving health, purifying the body and increasing immunity. After our detox programme, you will feel cleaner both physically and mentally. You may also feel more alert and energetic and you will feel better digestion of food because the process has been better than when your insides were clogged.