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The battles conquered at Ayusmat

We have all heard, seen and experienced weight woes. It’s a battle that we lose out on a daily basis. Obesity is not as simple as calories in calories out. It’s a complex disorder which requires attention from grass root level. After this therapeutic program, you can be assured of bidding a goodbye to flabs, fatigue and fretfulness.  

Diabetes, Polycystic ovarian diseases (PCOD) and increased levels of cholesterol are a result hormonal imbalance. The key to fight is a comprehensive diet combined with therapeutic yoga by improving the insulin sensitivity. The team of doctors works meticulously to regulate and restore the body’s hormone levels. Modern world is filled with auto immune diseases. Ayusmat has a designed treatment protocol to tackle the same with sustainable changes through a customized lifestyle management, therapeutic diet regime and supplements.    Addiction is when you can’t stop. When it puts your health in danger, when it causes financial, emotional, and other problems for you or your loved ones, it is the time to stop. Liver detoxification management for de-addiction is a therapy plan devised by our team to gift you the power to return your life with absolute control over your mind.Chronic fatigues, low energy levels, migraine headaches and digestive disorders are the few other issues that our team successfully tackles. When these battles are won, we indirectly win the war – metaphorically representing our lives! A healthy body, soul and mind are the gateway to success!